Core Values

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party seeks to preserve traditional Australian family values and the Motoring Enthusiast lifestyle, whilst encouraging a sense of community and personal responsibility.

Our core values form the underpinning of our policy, our actions and our objectives.

·         We believe in the people of Australia
·         We believe in minimal government interference
·         We believe in equality and justice for all before the law
·         We believe in promoting personal responsibility
·         We believe in freedom of association and assembly
·         We believe in democracy and the preservation of democracy
·         We believe in a sense of family
·         We believe in mateship
·         We believe in community
·         We believe in freedom of speech
·         We believe in robust National Security
·         We believe in individual economic freedom
·         We believe in society's responsibility to the very young
·         We believe in society's responsibility to the very old
·         We believe in society's responsibility to the disadvantaged
·         We believe in the best possible education regardless of wealth
·         We believe in lower taxation
·         We believe in smaller government
·         We believe in an immediate region foreign policy focus
·         We believe that the well-being of Australians is foremost
·         We believe that all levels of government are servants to the will of the people

We take pride in our vehicles, we take pride in our Nation, and we promote 
the notion of a “fair go for all”.

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Address: PO Box 4542, Springfield, Queensland 4300


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